June Wedding-Minnesota Wedding Florist

971709_525967754142531_1000868164_n 994881_525967810809192_1862954552_n 995146_525968384142468_579765569_n 1000737_525967567475883_1772737396_n 1003002_525967637475876_1021167688_n 1004487_525968280809145_603364421_n 1005650_525967844142522_548761721_n 1011353_525967777475862_1805118093_n 1016954_525968450809128_1582630803_n 1075863_525968030809170_1938046221_nThis was the day after the huge storm hit in Minneapolis. Gale Mansion was out of power and trees were down all over the area. The Bride was a champ. She was one of the most calm and collective Brides I have seen in this kind of situation, she just wanted to marry the Love of her life. No matter what the condition. The Gale mansion did a great job getting some power and making sure everyone was comfortable. I loved this color combo and the feel of these. Also the pictures turned out great so many to choose from. She got a ton of the centerpieces and all the details.


Laura Alpizar Photography

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laulpizarphoto

Website: https://www.facebook.com/laulpizarphoto

September Fall Country Wedding-Minnesota Wedding Florist

I loved this wedding and all the fun pretty colors in the flowers. Check these fun Country flowers out. They went great with the navy blue Bridesmaids dresses and the Cowboy boots.

Pictures by: Agape Moments Photography





1102555_574685529270753_292567921_o 1262601_574685782604061_1543700177_o 1293042_574685149270791_1361441977_o 1374165_574685289270777_443909345_n 1375030_574685762604063_1725891969_n 1396040_574685785937394_39980802_n 1398747_574685609270745_1033986402_o 1400337_574685402604099_914747678_o 1400569_574686425937330_1145817768_o 1401996_574686112604028_718116504_o 1403708_574684945937478_974904177_o

June Blue and Pink Wedding-Minnesota Wedding Florist

563027_530257943713512_1912396823_n 603340_10151796318252958_1794317207_n 936505_10151796317972958_1765095436_n 945789_10151796394232958_1000900338_n 945797_10151796322382958_226506885_n 996534_10151796318592958_1481547172_n 998577_10151796394302958_2042472268_n 1000262_10151796322292958_135323593_n 1002164_10151796394857958_652651522_n 1003031_10151796321747958_1007000524_n 1003502_10151796321672958_507125129_n 1011540_530258130380160_230410689_nMatt and Keri’s wedding day. I have known them both for years and I was super excited I got to do their wedding flowers for their big day. Congrats you two, your wedding super fun and so Beautiful. I LOVED her bouquet and color scheme. Take a look at the pictures! Photography by: Snap Berry Photographs https://www.facebook.com/snapberryphotographs?hc_location=timeline http://www.snapberryphotographs.com/

August 11th 2012 Pink Wedding


This wedding was at the Rochester Golf and Country Club. I loved the pinks in this wedding. Super pretty. The Bride Kelly was great and I am happy I could make her dream flowers come true. 

Super pretty photography by: Sally Serna Photography

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DSC_9775 DSC_9651 DSC_9652 DSC_9654 DSC_1760-Edit DSC_9643 DSC_9650 DSC_1525 DSC_1524 DSC_0764 DSC_0938-Edit DSC_0945 DSC_1051-Edit DSC_1515 DSC_0754-Edit DSC_0696 DSC_0069Super pretty photography by: Sally Serna Photography

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