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I meet with many brides each year to provide them with a complimentary consultation where we can better see what their floral needs are and also provide them with accurate pricing to reflect the look that they desire.

I will be honest in that I cringe when I hear a bride is just price shopping, they’ve met with four florists, and they are “waiting to make a decision.”  Not that researching pricing is bad, no, I think it is something that absolutely should be done.  As most brides don’t know how much flowers cost, this is understandable, but there is a difference between shopping for price and finding the perfect match when deciding on a floral designer.

Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t shop solely on price:

And, this can be applied to hiring a wedding planner, photographer, caterer, or other wedding vendor:

1.  There is no way to compare two florists’ bids.  Even if you show two florists a photo, they may both interpret what you are looking for in a different manner.  One may make your centerpieces larger than the other, one may use more stems of flowers, one florist may include the rental cost of vases and vessels, while the other does not.  There’s just no way to compare apples to apples.

2.  What are you really getting?  Are you settling for a lower price point and having the quality of work compensated?  Will the flowers be less than premium quality?  Will your delivery and set-up be included, or will this be tacked on after a contract is signed?  Are there additional fees for rentals?  Before deciding or signing a contract, you need to know the details.

3.  What kind of experience, or added benefits are you getting?  Has the designer been working in the industry for many years, do they have any credentials or is this just a hobby they do every now and then.  Having experience and a portfolio to back this up is essential.  You need to see their work, and ask many questions to see if they are a good match for you.

4.  Are they going to devout the time to you and your needs?  Will they be prompt in returning emails and phone messages, or do they have other priorities.  Sure, designers are busy, but making time for you is essential in having a stress-free bride.

My advice:

1.  Qualify florists before meeting in person.  Browse their websites, designs and read their backgrounds as well as their philosophy.  Make sure they are a good match for you first.  After reviewing their portfolio, you may find that you don’t even like their work.  You don’t want to waste your precious time nor theirs if you don’t get excited when looking at their website.

2.  Follow-up after receiving an estimate.  Chances are, you may have forgotten what you discussed.  If the estimate is out of your price range, suggestions can be made as to other options.  Many changes and additions or deletions are made before a contract is signed with clients.

3.  Most importantly, during your consultation did you have a connection with the designer?  Did you feel that they could make your vision come to reality, or did you have hesitations and didn’t feel very confident after meeting with them?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, you want to make sure you hire the perfect vendors to make your day spectacular!

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