25-16*5 Cylinder Vases $5 a piece to Rent


15-24*5 Cylinder Vases $5 a piece to Rent


16-6*6 Short Cylinder Vase $3 a piece to Rent


40- 3 Trio Sets Cylinder 10*5, 8*5, 7 $4 a Set to Rent

Centerpieces124x4inch Pilsner Vases $7 a piece to rent


18 4*4*4 Square Vases $2 a piece to rent

Please contact me if you have any questions on rental prices and quantities.

 Candy Bar Rentals

Contact me for more information and Pricing

Candy bar dishes to rent and set up!

14 Vases with risers and Candy Bar Sign.

Ceilings..Chinese Lanterns can dress up any wedding venue. Contact me for pricing! (we get the lanterns and hang them)

 PicMonkey Collage065489461

Extra for Delivery depending on where your wedding or event is located. Please contact me for more info!

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